Matterport for Designers

Matterport® for Designers

Ken O'Brian 3-31-2023 Category: Matterport

Matterport tours can be used to design furniture in rooms. By using the Matterport tour, furniture designers can get an accurate and detailed look at the room they are designing for, allowing them to plan the layout of the furniture and determine the best placement of pieces. The tour also provides a 3D view of the space, allowing designers to visualize how their furniture will look in the room and make sure it fits correctly. Additionally, designers can also use the tour to measure the exact size of the room and get exact measurements for the furniture they plan to put in it. Measure anything inside the space with the ruler icon on the lower left side of screen. Use the floor plan view(lower left side of screen icon) to measure rooms and figure the size and placement of furnishings, measure for flooring, window coverings and more for all residential and commercial spaces.

Save time and travel expenses by never having to visit the property to measure and give estimates!