Matterport for Marketing

Matterport® for Smart Marketing

Ken O'Brian 5-31-2023 Category: Matterport

With Matterport® 3D models, you can collect data from your potential customers 24/7 by requiring registration with full disclosure to enter your space, and then start collecting the data. Know what leads to follow up on by knowing what products, product videos, product info sheets were looked at the most and by the time spent in your store or space.

  • *Eliminate wasted time following up on visitors that have no interest.
  • *This changes the dynamics of marketing.
We all know that people love to shop online and not be bothered by sales people at the physical location, so now you can provide them with your digital twin shopping space where they can view all marketing materials and even interact with a live sales person if requested.
Great for Retail Stores, Wholesale Warehouses, Auto Dealerships, Art Galleries, and Builder Model Homes. Contact us and find out more.